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In Bilbao, where history and modernity are intertwined in a unique way, the perfect setting arises to celebrate love in its purest form. If you are planning a wedding in this city full of charm and culture, let me be your photographer, capturing every moment of your special day and turning it into unforgettable memories.


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“Explore a magical setting where history and modernity converge”

Bilbao is much more than a place. It is an experience that fuses tradition with modernity. From the imposing Guggenheim Museum to the narrow cobbled streets of Casco Viejo, every corner of this city tells a story. My goal as a photographer is to capture not only the moments, but also the essence of Bilbao as a witness of your love. Weddings are moments of intense emotions and shared joy. As a photographer, I am dedicated to capturing the authenticity of every smile, every tear, and every meaningful look. Each image will tell the story of a day filled with love and genuine emotions.

I understand that a wedding is an international event in the heart of Bilbao. By communicating in multiple languages, I ensure that every detail and emotion is captured without language barriers. From the first meeting to the last dance, I will be there to document every moment. In addition to traditional photography, I believe in the beauty of spontaneous and relaxed images. My photographic style focuses on capturing real moments and genuine emotions, resulting in memories that convey the very essence of your special day.

Every couple is unique, and your story deserves to be told authentically. Before the big day, we will meet to understand your wishes and expectations. This will allow me to tailor my approach and ensure that each image captures the authenticity of your relationship.

Beyond the printed photographs, what I deliver are memories that will last a lifetime. These images not only capture your wedding day, but also the moments and emotions that make it an unforgettable day. They will be a treasure that you can share with future generations.

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“Let’s talk! Together, we’ll bring your dream wedding in Bilbao to life.”

If you are looking for a photographer who not only captures images, but also captures emotions and authentic moments, do not hesitate to contact me. Together, we can transform your special day into a collection of memories that will make you relive the love and joy of your wedding in Bilbao. Bilbao offers the perfect setting for a wedding full of charm and authenticity. As your wedding photographer, my goal is to witness your love and capture every significant moment in a genuine way. I am excited for the opportunity to be a part of your story and create memories that will last forever in the images I capture.

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